While dances are very similar to parties, there are some differences. High school dances have certian guidelines, and are very different from night clubs and private parties. We have music selections for all types dances, from modern hip-hop to ballroom dancing, and we are always aware of guidelines and the appropriate music to play. Let us create the right atmosphere for your next dance.

Dance Services

We have mobile entertainment systems for any type or size of dance. Our systems can be taylored to high school gyms, banquet halls, or outdoor pavilions.

If you want a great music selection, and a dance that's just right for your audience, give us a call!

  • Music for theme dances. We have just the right music for beach themes, holidays, sock hops, etc.
  • We can provide lighting, bubble machines, fog machines, etc.
  • We can provide fun games to entertain your guests. Ask us for more details.
  • We can respond and perform on short notice, and in emergencies.
  • Our music selection and equipment are constantly updated, so you can do the latest dances to the beat of the latest music.

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